Sipping In Style, Brooklynn’s Coffee bar

Think of coffee outside in the morning, Think of friendly faces and smiles, think of the perfect sip of the first cup on coffee you have, made by hand.

First of all; Congratulations to a wonderful friend of mine, on this absolutely stunning mobile coffee bar.

Second off! Wow! Yummy! Stunning! and did I say Yummy?!

Coffee Shop Owner Brooke Lacey, Is killing it in her new Mobile Coffee bar, Brooklynn’s coffee, and we are obsessed.

I stopped by this gem of a place Monday morning before work, and was surprised of the immediate feel of charm, comfort, and major hipster vibes. Host/ Owner Brooke made a house made special for fall, Pumpkin Cheesecake breve, and yummy is a understatement. Cheesecake flavors, undertone of pumpkin, and perfectly steamed cream in a cup, or a mouth watering latte you will want to keep coming back for again, and again!

Brooklynn’s Coffee Bar; Out door seating.

As a mobile coffee bar, Brooklynn’s Coffee is moving around a lot in the sweet little town of Lake City, FL. Follow Brooklynn’s coffee on Facebook, or @brooklynnscoffee on Instagram to see where the next location is going to be, you will not want to miss the aesthetically pleasing feel, and the prominent coffee served with a smile of Lake City’s favorite hometown barista.

Enjoying a Pumpkin Cheesecake Breve.

I didn’t know my business casual look of Madewell jeans, and Vince Camote slide on’s would go with this place, but this worked out in major favor for me. Brooklynn’s Coffee is a full service coffee bar, complete with good coffee and charm. I would not hesitate to stop here for your morning cup of joe, afternoon pick me up.

You can book Brooklynn’s Coffee Bar for your next event.

Iced coffee is a daily part of my life, I either go get it daily, or make it. Obsessed and impressed with this coffee shop on wheels, Where will she be next? Follow @brooklynncoffee on Instagram to find out her next top secret location, you will not want to miss this.

-Mercedes Herlong

Sipping in Style.

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