6 Costumes that will get you less candy than you think.

6 Halloween costumes that are classics but we need to stop.

Disclaimer; This is my opinion, I am not a feminist or a sexist, these are classic style that are simply out of trend.

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween as it is, and I am defiantly NOT a fan of over done costumes that I see every year. 6 costumes I think should be outlawed in our minds and moving on our creative juice’s to something more corny, sexy, or scary.

  1. The Playboy Bunny!

While this costume IS a classic and is totally fun and adorable, unless you are writing a burn book or going to law school to win back a man, this one needs to go.

It was fun while it lasted.

2. The Sexy Nurse, Because EW.

I have been a hater of this one for quit some time, maybe that just me, but it is very over done, This costume is the most cliché thing about Halloween besides giving out candy.

3. Cheerleader.

Just stop! you wanna be a cheerleader, Lets see a zombie Cheerleader. I’m all about cute and corny, but Cheerleaders always die in horror films.

4. Harley Quinn.

WHOA, don’t get me wrong, this was a bomb ass costume….. 2 years ago. it time to put away those mixed colored pig tales, and move on. Try out a sexy Joker this year if you are are still into the batman theme.

5. Devil.

This is just over done, Sexy or not.

6. Fairy.

This costume is actually quit under done, and there is a reason for that. No one should be dressing up as a fairy for Halloween past the age of 12! Ring my door bell with this costume, and ill give you the liquorish candy.

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